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Smart Home / Home Automation

Smart home, also called home automation, is a system where a person is able to communicate and control home devices such as lighting, climate, appliances, security, and entertainment systems.

The communication with, and the control of the devices, may be done locally, from home, through the electronic terminal of the device, or, through Wi-Fi or bluetooth, by using an app on the computer, tablet, or smart phone, who now become the device remote control. The communication with, and the control of the devices, may also be done remotely, through the internet.


Every day, more and more people are using smart home devices such as smart thermostats, smart doorbells, smart dishwashers, and more.



Example of Smart Thermostat Advantages:
+ Wi-Fi and Internet connectivity.
+ Creates heating/cooling schedules based on daily routine. 
+ Helps save money.


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We Install these Smart Devices:

Smart TV
Smart Dishwasher
Smart Refrigerators
Smart Washers
Smart Dryers
Smart AC
Smart Water Heaters
Smart Speaker
Smart Display
Smart Electric Plug
Smart Light Bulb
Smart Thermostat
Smart Security Camera
Smart Home Security System
Smart Doorbell
Smart Lock
Smart Grill
Smart Vacuum

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