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Electrical Services | Local Company | Repair & Installation

+ ​Outlets
+ Lighting
+ Switches
+ Circuit Breakers
+ Wiring
+ Lights
+ Fuse Panels
+ Ceiling Fans & Lights
+ Water Heaters

+ And More

+ Residential
+ Commercial

+ Satisfaction Guaranteed

+ No Hidden Charges

+ Licensed and Insured

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Handyman Repair It provides a wide range of electrical services such as repair and installation of ​Outlets, Lighting, Switches, Circuit Breakers, Wiring, Fuse Panels, Ceiling Fans & Lights, Water Heaters, and more.


We are a local company with a network of professional electricians that will help you with any electrical project you need. We will answer your related questions, advise you of the options, recommend to you the solution, and will provide a professional service, from start to finish.

Commercial & Residential.

Satisfaction Guaranteed.

No Hidden Charges.

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Broward County | Miami-Dade County | Palm Beach County

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