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Replacing a Toilet

If you decided to replace the toilet replacement, these are the things that are involved in the process.

The Toilet Size

Toilets come in different shapes and sizes, thus, not all toilets will fit the space where your old toilet is. To check, measure the distance from the wall to the 2 bolts that hold the toilet to the floor. the standard is about 12 inches. If the distance is different, you may need a special order toilet.

Wax Ring Seal

The wax ring seals the space between the toilet and the floor, so there are no leaks.

Placing the Toilet

Putting the new toilet in place is probably the most difficult part in the process. Placing the toilet requires precision when putting it on the bolts gently, and if not put correctly, the wax ring may crushed or move, causing water leak.

Toilet Alignment

If the toilet is placed on an uneven floor, it will move, it may damage the wax ring seal, and it may leak. To fill large gaps between the toilet and the floor, use plastic shims.

Checking the Work

Fill the toilet tank with water and flush. Check for leaks.

Finishing the Installation

If there are no leaks, tighten the bolts, cut off the excess bolts, cut off the shims, and caulk the space between the toilet and the floor.

NOTE: consult the owner manual that came with the toilet before installing the new toilet.

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